Our clients about LimeBook

''Thanks to the LimeBook application, we have shortened the time devoted by our employees to the process of issuing work permits by 30%. With our scale, over 330 documents per month, we saved a lot.''
Sabina Matysiak, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Vesuvius
''LimeBook mobility enables us to issue and control work permits at the site of their execution using smartphones, tablets and laptops.''
Przemysław Skuba, Senior H&S & Fire Protection Specialist, Vesuvius
''We needed 15 minutes to train each person or group of people. Thanks to LimeBook, we reduced the time for training our guests and subcontractors to zero. This saves 25 hours of work per month for people involved in the process. Additionally, the involvement of guardians who had to complete formalities for over 100 visitors each month, was reduced.''
Paweł Kruk, EHS Supervisor, ZF
''Your application has reduced bureaucracy. I have full and quick to obtain information about subcontractors working on the premises: where they work and whether they have the necessary training.''
Przemysław Skuba, Senior H&S & Fire Protection Specialist, Vesuvius

Benefits for your organization

SAVING TIME AND LABOR COSTS. Automation of the processes of registration of training of guests and contractors as well as the preparation of work permits for them can save up to 27% of the working time of people directly involved in the process.

TEAMWORK supported by LimeBook tools is simple and effective. The roles assigned to individual process participants will allow access only to the information they need at a given moment.

INSTANT REPORTING is possible thanks to the easy-to-use mobile interface. Using the phone, you can prepare a report from anywhere and then send it to your co-workers.

SOCIAL DISTANCING AND SANITARY REGIMEN are maintained thanks to the possibility of remote registration and training, which makes it possible to limit physical contact with people outside the organization.

We count the TIME FROM DECISION TO IMPLEMENTATION in days and provide fully functional tools in accordance with the processes applicable in the organization. "

EASY ADAPTATION to the standards of your organization is possible thanks to a flexible architecture and technical support of our team. Updating on an ongoing basis ensures full compliance with applicable law.

The e-mail and SMS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM will automatically inform employees about the need to take the procedural action required, send a reminder and, if necessary, warn about danger.

We process the PERSONAL DATA of guests, contractors and employees in accordance with the GDPR. The LimeBook application is fully compliant with European legal standards

Benefits for you and your co-workers

The ORDER that LimeBook introduces into the guest and contractor management processes will ensure that you will not miss anything, you will not forget anything and you will take care of everything.

AUTOMATION of the processes related to filling out documents and management will release you from the obligation to perform repetitive and time-consuming classes.

MOBILITY of the application will make it possible to register and train a contractor as well as prepare a work permit for him or her, from any place at any time.

SYSTEMICALLY TRAINED CONTRACTORS less frequently undertake risky activities - this is confirmed by research on the relationship between work safety and the organizational culture of the company.

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