Process digitization system

We support managers in the largest organizations in the world
in the automation and optimization of processes.

Zalando Mostostal Paccor Coca-Cola Nestle Vesuvius
a multi-stage work permit approval process
more than 20,000 entries
per month on construction sites which are difficult
to cover by control
over 450 health questionnaires
per month
over 1000 entries and 350 trainings per month at three different locations
10 different types of work permits
and a multi-stage approval process
realized on telephones
over 350 work permits
per month in ten different variants

Setting up the Zalando work permit preparation process is a multi-step approval process. The solution that we have developed together significantly saves time and simplifies the process for both Zalando employees and contractors.

Construction investment areas, due to high dynamics of changes, are the most difficult challenges in terms of access control and training. The experience which we have gained while working with Mostostal Warszawa allows us to provide a system that guarantees tightness of entrance gates and increases the safety of employees.

In the food packaging industry sanitary rigor is a key element of the registration process. Our app helps you conduct hundreds of health surveys per month.

The challenge during the implementation for Coca-Cola in Staniątki, Radzymin and Tylicz was to set the procedures and configuring the system in such a way that entries of contractors operated quickly and did not generate downtime and were easy to use and intuitive for the security personnel. We monthly provide over 1000 entries and training for over 150 contractors.

The condition for the implementation for Nestle was the ability to work outside the office with the use of own mobile devices with periodic Internet shortages. Since the completion of the implementation, Nestle engineers issue 10 different types of work permits through our system.

at Vesuvius, in addition to work permits, we also support the preparation of risk assessments. Every month this includes about 260 permits and over 100 risk assessments.


Meet LimeBook in 3 minutes

''LimeBook in 3 minutes'' is a pill with the most important information about our system. This video material explains the processes of managing visits of guests and contractors, health and safety training and issuing work permits.

Here's what we can support you with


supports the management of visits of guests and contractors


supports the training of guests, contractors and employees

work permits

supports the preparation
of work permits


supports reporting incidents an accidents

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Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will organize a presentation for you
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We will present the most important functions of the system and the benefits that the LimeBook system will bring to you and your organization at the meeting. After the meeting, we will send you an offer and a proposal
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Feel free to contact me in matters related to the presentation of the system, the benefits it will bring
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Aleksandra Gawot
product specialist

We will analyze and map the processes that you decide to support with our tools at the next meeting and then, within a week, we will deliver a ready-to-use configuration of the LimeBook application.

I will be your guardian and I will provide technical support from the moment of implementation. Contact me for technical and functional questions about the application.
Paulina Dobrowolska
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